Explorer 0.1.12
A Reflux file explorer application with reusable editors and viewers

Explorer is a file explorer application based on the Reflux framework. More than an application, Explorer also provides reusable Views and Editors. Explorer may also be enhanced through the use of Plugins.


  • System file explorer
  • Fantom documentation viewer
  • A better web browser / html viewer
  • Fandoc file viewer
  • Resource Tree
  • Text editor (borrowed from fluxText)
  • Syntax highlighting (uses syntax)

Small things that make me use it:

  • Quick view / edit toggling with F12
  • Easily show / hide hidden files
  • Text editor word wrapping (configurable)
  • Address bar accepts pod names, e.g. afIoc



To install Explorer with Fantom Pod Manager, cut'n'paste the following into a cmd prompt, terminal or shell:

Or to install Explorer with the Fantom Repository Manager (fanr), cut'n'paste the following into a cmd prompt, terminal or shell:

Or to install manually, download the pod file and copy it to the %FAN_HOME%/lib/fan/ directory.

afExplorer.pod (412.43 kB)


To use Explorer in a Fantom project, add a dependency to the project's build.fan:

depends = ["sys 1.0", ..., "afExplorer 0.1.12 - 0.1"]



Meta information on the Explorer pod:

Published by
Steve Eynon
Fantom-Factory Ltd
Pod file size
412.43 kB
Built on
13th Feb 2022
Source code
via Git at https://github.com/Fantom-Factory/afExplorer
Depends on
afBeanUtils, afConcurrent, afIoc, afReflux, compilerDoc, concurrent, fandoc, fwt, gfx, syntax, sys, util, web
Referenced by
Javascript Compatible

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Release History

There have been 14 releases of Explorer: