About This Repository

A central public repository of libraries is a valuable asset to any language, and Fantom is no exception. While Fantom has no official repository, the community has been reliably served by a functional repository at Status302.

This Pod Repository was created by taking some existing ideas and enhancing it with a cleaner visual style and a host of features, such as:

  • Pod documentation available for all pod versions
  • Fandoc syntax highlighting
  • Fandoc tables
  • Fandoc images served from pod resources
  • Fandoc link validation
  • Atom (RSS) feeds for individual pods
  • Sitemap XML generation
  • Basic Gravatar integration

About Me

Hello! I'm Steve Eynon and I'm a computer programmer!

I started programming when I was 8 years old. I was lured in by a rubber keyed ZX Spectrum 48K. There I quickly progressed to Assembler and wrote 3D Vector Demos on the Commodore Amiga. Subsequently I moved through C and Visual Basic before turning to Java and web applications, where I stayed for 10 years or more. More recently I've been involved with Ruby, C# and Javascript.

All that experience has led to me to really appreciate the Fantom language. It tackles all the hard concepts like concurrency, state and serialisation, and does them right! It means I can concentrate on real application problems, and not pseudo-problems introduced by the language. (Why should I care about mutual exclusion and double locking failures? Managers don't!)

Fantom also has small things like field properties, nullable types, and even Elvis(!) that make it a joy to program. It's a pragmatic language that lets me get stuff done.

So now I write programs and libraries in Fantom.

I post on the Fantom Forum under the pseudonym SlimerDude and give updates on the Fantom Google+ page.

About Fantom-Factory

Fantom-Factory is a stylish website I created to help others learn about, and program in, Fantom. It has:

About The Future

What does the future hold for Fantom?

So far, I personally have created:

  • Games - e.g. Gundam
  • Desktop Applications - e.g. Explorer
  • A multitude of web sites and web applications - e.g. this one!

But why stop there? Fantom was specifically created to run on embedded devices, which means it's fast. Faster than Java even! So think Raspberry Pi and beyond.

Fantom on mobile applications (Android) is also possible but currently it needs a patch. Lobby this post on the Fantom Forum - Android Demo - to urge the Fantom developers to create an official implementation.

As for me, my next big Fantom project is distributed Artificial Intelligence with Neural Nets and Genetic Algorithms in a gaming environment. Oh boy, it's gonna be cool!

Make your future a Fantomastic one!