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Libraries for the Fantom Language are called pods.

This is a repository of pods.



This repository has 624 public versions of 71 public pods.

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Latest Updates

smileCore 2.1.0

smileCore 2.1.0 by Matthew

3rd Mar 2020
Wraps core jars from SMILE project (graph, math, core, data)

efanXtra 2.0.2

efanXtra 2.0.2 by Steve Eynon

9th Feb 2020
A library for creating reusable Embedded Fantom (efan) components
API / User Guide

Form Bean 1.2.6

Form Bean 1.2.6 by Steve Eynon

25th Jan 2020
Renders Fantom objects as HTML forms complete with client and server side validation
API / User Guide

Json 2.0.8

Json 2.0.8 by Steve Eynon

23rd Jan 2020
A JSON to Fantom object mapping library
API / User Guide

Slim 1.3.0

Slim 1.3.0 by Steve Eynon

2nd Jan 2020
A concise and lightweight templating language for generating HTML
API / User Guide

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Latest Pods

Fandoc 0.0.2

Fandoc 0.0.2 by Steve Eynon

27th Dec 2018
Alternative and extensible Fandoc writers that provide intelligent context. (Internal)
API / User Guide

vdom 0.1

vdom 0.1 by afrankvt

19th Dec 2018
Virtual DOM API for Fantom
API / User Guide

mustache 1.0

mustache 1.0 by afrankvt

10th Dec 2018
Logic-less templates

ganymed_ssh2 262

ganymed_ssh2 262 by Matthew

8th Nov 2018
Ganymed SSH-2: Java based SSH-2 Protocol Implementation

PixelStitch 1.0.72

PixelStitch 1.0.72 by SlightlyEpicGames

29th Sep 2018
For making cool pixelated designs, 2d art, cross stitching

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