ExplorerRelease Notes



  • Chg: Tweaked Fandoc Viewer to maintain compatibility with Fantom 1.0.77.
  • Bug: Rewrote Copy / Paste Commands to ensure unique file names and to avoid possible infinite recursive directories. (Yikes!)


  • New: Convert Fandoc -> Markdown option in file context menu (Patch contributed by LightDye).


  • Chg: Tweaked fandoc CSS to give images a max-width.
  • Bug: Fandoc viewer created invalid HTML.
  • Bug: Fixed NPE when selecting files with no extension.


  • New: FolderView copies Files dropped on it.
  • Chg: Ctrl opens HTML Viewer links in new tab.
  • Bug: Now works on Linux! Thanks go to Fraya for reporting.
  • Bug: Fixed an occasional NPE when cutting or copying files after an auto-refresh.
  • Bug: Stopped HtmlViewer from auto-refreshing when not-required.


  • New: Added compress to .gz file command.
  • New: FolderView automatically refreshes itself should the folder contents change behind its back!
  • Chg: Better rename file dialogue.
  • Chg: Better handling (and err msg) of when a launcher cmd can not be found.
  • Chg: Moved Show hidden files to View menu.
  • Chg: Unique file names have a space before the index for better navigation when renaming.


  • New: File properties dialog, from popup menus.
  • Chg: Zipping handles file read errors.
  • Chg: FileActions may take multiple extensions.
  • Bug: Folder panel linsting weren't case-insensitive.
  • Bug: Fixed syntax errors in afExplorer.fog.



  • Chg: FolderView defaults to case-insensitive sorting.
  • Chg: Launcher icons are checked when looking for file icons.


  • New: Implemented Save As functionality in TextEditor, HtmlViewer and ImageViewer.
  • New: Cut, copy and paste are now global commands with keyboard shortcuts.
  • New: Renaming a file keeps it selected in the folder view.
  • Bug: Renaming a file to the same name gave an error.
  • Bug: Could not navigate to a directory with really wide or really tall images.
  • Bug: Paste command was not immediately enabled after a Cut or a Copy.


  • Bug: FandocViewer sometimes displayed a blank page when switching views.
  • Bug: When resolving fandocs, types called Index would override pod documentation.


  • Chg: Zipping a directory now displays a progress dialogue - which is updated with bytes compressed.
  • Bug: HTMLViewer sometimes displayed a blank page when switching views.


  • Chg: Uses Reflux v0.0.6 and RefluxBuilder.
  • Bug: Refreshing a root folder caused a NullErr.


  • Bug: Empty fandoc:/ URI did not resolve.


  • New: Explorer Plugins!
  • New: Compress to .zip command.
  • New: Added Edit preferences commands.
  • New: Added a Select All global command, enabled in the Text Editor.
  • New: Ctrl+Select in Folder Panel will open folder in new tab.
  • New: Small images use a thumbnail preview as their icon.
  • New: Added configurable FilePopupMenu and FolderPopupMenu services.
  • New: Allow multiple TextEditor preferences, one per file extension.
  • Chg: All dialogs are routed through the new Reflux Dialogues class.
  • Chg: Folder sort in Folder view is reset when displaying new folder.
  • Chg: ImageViewer uses the resource's icon as its icon.
  • Chg: Single file copy / paste handle duplicate names.
  • Chg: Better fandoc URI resolving, checks for type existance.
  • Bug: Show / hide hidden file command now shows and hides hidden files in the Folders Panel (again!)
  • Bug: Folders Panel favourites combo was displayed squashed when panel re-shown.
  • Bug: Folders Panel did not pick up folder deletes / renames.
  • Bug: Explorer was not picking up the correct preferences file.
  • Bug: Delete button didn't always work in TextEditors - a global command thing.


  • New: Initial release.