Eggbox 0.2.2
A website for uploading, viewing, and downloading Fantom pods. Host your very own Pod Repository!

Eggbox is a website for uploading, viewing and downloading Fantom pods. Eggbox is fanr compatible and backed by MongoDB.

To see Eggbox in action, visit

Use Eggbox to host your very own pod repository, be it at home or at work! Eggbox is easy to setup and simple to configure.

Eggbox features:

  • Editable Pod properties
  • Enhanced Fandoc documentation
    • syntax highlighting
    • table support
    • link to images in pods
    • broken link reporting
  • Atom (RSS) feeds for individual pods
  • Open Graph markup on pod summary pages
  • Sitemap XML generation
  • Basic Gravatar integration



To install Eggbox with Fantom Pod Manager, cut'n'paste the following into a cmd prompt, terminal or shell:

Or to install Eggbox with the Fantom Repository Manager (fanr), cut'n'paste the following into a cmd prompt, terminal or shell:

Or to install manually, download the pod file and copy it to the %FAN_HOME%/lib/fan/ directory.

afEggbox.pod (299.83 kB)


To use Eggbox in a Fantom project, add a dependency to the project's

depends = ["sys 1.0", ..., "afEggbox 0.2.2 - 0.2"]



Meta information on the Eggbox pod:

Published by
Steve Eynon
Fantom-Factory Ltd
Pod file size
299.83 kB
Built on
2nd Dec 2022
Source code
via Git at
Depends on
afAtom, afBeanUtils, afBedSheet, afBson, afButter, afColdFeet, afConcurrent, afDuvet, afEfanXtra, afFormBean, afGoogleAnalytics, afIoc, afIocConfig, afIocEnv, afMongo, afMorphia, afMorphiaIoc, afPegger, afPillow, afSitemap, afSlim, concurrent, email, fandoc, fanr, gfx, syntax, sys, util, web, xml
Referenced by
Javascript Compatible

Dependency Graph

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Release History

There have been 7 releases of Eggbox: