HTML ParserUser Guide

HTML Parser is a support library that aids Fantom-Factory Ltd in the development of other libraries, frameworks and applications. Though you are welcome to use it, you may find features are missing and the documentation incomplete.


A valiant effort to parse valid HTML5 documents into XML as defined by W3C HTML Syntax.

Html Parser currently recognises and supports:


  • Normal elements: <div></div>
  • Void elements: <br>
  • Self closing elements: <foreignElement />
  • Raw text elements: <script> ... </script>
  • Escapable raw text elements: <textarea> ... </textarea>


  • Empty attributes: <input disabled>
  • Unquoted attributes: <input type=submit>
  • Single quoted attributes: <input type='submit'>
  • Double quoted attributes: <input type="submit">


  • XML declarations: <?xml version="1.0" ?>
  • DocTypes: <!DOCTYPE html >
  • Comments: <!-- comment -->
  • CData Sections: <![CDATA[ cdata ]]>
  • Numerical character references: &#160; and &#xA0;

    Html Parser because only Chuck Norris can parse HTML with regular expressions.

Quick Start

using afHtmlParser::HtmlParser

class Example {
    Void main() {
        elem := HtmlParser().parseDoc("<input disabled value=wotever>")

        echo(elem.writeToStr)   // --> <input disabled='disabled' value='wotever'/>


1 class -> 1 method -> 1 argument -> 1 return value.

It's pretty self explanatory!

While Html Parser is more lenient than a validator it does NOT attempt to reconstruct documents from the tag soup of badly formatted HTML4 documents.

It's main purpose is to parse well formed HTML5 documents created with Slim into XML so they may be tested by Bounce and Sizzle.

Html Parser uses Pegger because HTML can not be parsed with regular expressions.