Handles the tricky business of COM threading.

Every time a Fancom Variant is created, a doppelganger is created in COM land. While the JVM Garbage Collector does a good of cleaning up the Fancom Variants, there is no similar mechanism to clean up the Variants in COM land.

Instead, JACOB holds references to these COM Variants, on a per thread basis, in a Running Object Table (ROT) and only destroys them upon a manual call to ComThread.release.

(To do a proper job of this requires a finer grained control of the ROT - so some main classes, like SpInProcRecoCtx, don't get cleaned up and continue to fire events. The rest of the code (including Event Code) could then be run in a closure to release all objects created within. But this needs JACOB to be modified.)

In essence, call initSta() at the start of your COM calls and release() at the end.

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static Void initMta()

Initialise an MTA thread.



static Void initSta()

Initialise an STA thread.



static Void release()

Release current COM resources for this thread.