BedSheet efan 1.0.18
A library for integrating Embedded Fantom (efan) templates with the BedSheet web framework (Deprecated)

BedSheet Efan is a Fantom library that integrates efan templates with the BedSheet web framework.

BedSheet Efan uses IoC, therefore to use the EfanTemplates service you must @Inject it into your own service / class.

BedSheet Efan provides a cache of your compiled efan templates, integrates into BedSheet's Err 500 page and lets you contribute efan view helpers on an application level.

See efan for Embedded Fantom documentation.

ALIEN-AID: Replace BedSheetEfan with efanXtra to create managed libraries of reusable Embedded Fantom (efan) components!



To install BedSheet efan with Fantom Pod Manager, cut'n'paste the following into a cmd prompt, terminal or shell:

Or to install BedSheet efan with the Fantom Repository Manager (fanr), cut'n'paste the following into a cmd prompt, terminal or shell:

Or to install manually, download the pod file and copy it to the %FAN_HOME%/lib/fan/ directory.

afBedSheetEfan.pod (15.05 kB)


To use BedSheet efan in a Fantom project, add a dependency to the project's

depends = ["sys 1.0", ..., "afBedSheetEfan 1.0.18 - 1.0"]



Meta information on the BedSheet efan pod:

Published by
Steve Eynon
Pod file size
15.05 kB
The MIT Licence
Built on
12th Sep 2014
Source code
Depends on
afBedSheet, afConcurrent, afEfan, afIoc, afIocConfig, afPlastic, concurrent, sys
Referenced by
Javascript Compatible

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