less4fUser Guide

less4f is a support library that aids Alien-Factory in the development of other libraries, frameworks and applications. Though you are welcome to use it, you may find features are missing and the documentation incomplete.


Less4f is a wrapper around Less4j 1.11.0 - a pure Java compiler for Less.

Less4f is a simple command line utility program for compiling .less files into .css files. It was created for compiling Twitter Bootstrap templates and has been successfully tested with Bootstrap v3.3.4.

Less4f is a happy alternative to installing Less, Node.js, Grunt, and half the internet just to compile a couple of text files!

Quick Start

Once installed, run Less4f from the command line:

C:\> fan afLess4j [-x] <lessIn> <cssOut>

Where lessIn and cssOut are files. OS dependent and / or URI notation may be used. Examples:

C:\> fan afLess4j -x C:\projects\website.less C:\projects\website.css

C:\> fan afLess4j -x file:/C:/projects/website.less file:/C:/projects/website.css


Less4f is designed to be used a standalone application and as such, comes bundled with the following jars:

  • less4j-1.11.0.jar
  • antlr-runtime-3.5.2.jar
  • commons-beanutils-1.8.3.jar
  • commons-io-2.3.jar
  • commons-logging-1.1.1.jar