Find Emma!User Guide


"Find Emma!" is a Birthday present for my wife, Emma.

It is a retro style text adventure game in the ilk of Zork and Colossal Cave Adventure.

It's about a little doggy who has to feed animals in the garden, open presents, eat snacks, and ultimately find her best pal, Emma! The whole game is based on a dog we're (currently) fostering and our village home in South Wales, UK.

Play "Find Emma!" online at

Play Locally

To run "Find Emma!" locally, install the afFindEmma.pod into your Fantom environment and then run the following command:

C:\> fan afFindEmma 8069

This starts up a webserver and "Find Emma!" may then be played in a browser by visiting http://localhost:8069/.


"Find Emma!" has 62 interactable objects and 29 rooms.