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tcolar has published 22 public versions of 22 public pods.

NameVersionBuilt OnJSSummaryDocumentation
camAxonPlugin1.1.927th Feb 2014(Alpha) Axon projects support plugin for camembert (Skyspark Axon projects)
camembert1.1.1227th Feb 2014Lightweight IDE (Get camembertIde to get all plugins too)
camembertIde1.1.1227th Feb 2014Metapackage for Camembert and all plugins.
camFantomPlugin1.1.1227th Feb 2014Fantom projects support plugin for camembert.
camGoPlugin1.2.327th Feb 2014Go projects support plugin for camembert.
camGradlePlugin1.1.1227th Feb 2014Gradle projects support plugin for camembert.
camMavenPlugin1.1.1227th Feb 2014Maven projects support plugin for camembert.
camNodePlugin1.1.1227th Feb 2014Node.js projects support plugin for camembert.
camPhpPlugin1.1.1218th Mar 2014Php support plugin for camembert.
camPythonPlugin1.1.1227th Feb 2014Python projects support plugin for camembert.
camRubyPlugin1.1.1227th Feb 2014Ruby projects support plugin for camembert.
captcha3021.0.022nd Jan 2013Captcha implementation. In memory graphics, doesn't use FWT / SWT at all.
fantomato0.9.817th Jan 2014Fantomato - Blog / Wiki engine. (Dokuwiki & Markdown)
fantorepo1.0.517th Sep 2012Public / private Fantom pod repository.
fantorepo3021.0.1210th Apr 2013Public / private Fantom pod repository.
graphics3020.0.122nd Jan 2013Image manipulation utilities. In memory image drawing (pure fantom). Loading/saving images.
mameChose1.0.030th Oct 2012MameChose is a MAME Cabinet frontend with powerful ROM search & filtering.
netColarEmail0.0.117th Sep 2012Mail client/server RFC implementation (Maildir, SMTP, IMAP)
netColarJar0.1.218th Mar 2014Utility to build standalone java app(jar) from a Fantom app pod(s).
netColarUI1.0.06th Dec 2012netColarUI: Various Custom Fantom UI components / utils
netColarUtils1.0.826th Dec 2013Various reusable famtom utils
petanque1.0.34th Feb 2013Thibaut's customized version of a fork of Bocce