Morphia IoCUser Guide


Morphia IoC defines IoC services and contributions for the afMorphia and afMongo libraries.

It provides injectable instances of:

For afMongo:

  • MongoClient
  • MongoColl
  • MongoConnMgr
  • MongoDb
  • MongoSeqs

For afMorphia:

  • BsonConvs
  • Datastore
  • Morhpia

All that is required, is an IocConfig contribution for "afMorphia.mongoUrl".

Quick Start

Example usage showing injectable fields.

using afIoc
using afIocConfig
using afBson
using afMongo
using afMorphia

class Example {

    // Mongo services
    @Inject MongoConnMgr?   connMgr
    @Inject MongoClient?    client
    @Inject MongoDb?        db
    @Inject MongoSeqs?      seqs
    @Inject { type=ExampleUser# }
            MongoColl?      collection

    // Morphia services
    @Inject Morphia?        morphia
    @Inject BsonConvs?      bsonConvs
    @Inject { type=ExampleUser# }
            Datastore?      datastore

    Void main() {
        scope := RegistryBuilder()



class ExampleUser {
    @BsonProp ObjectId   _id
    @BsonProp Str        name
    @BsonProp Int        age

    new make(|This|in) { in(this) }

const class ExampleModule {
    @Contribute { serviceType=ApplicationDefaults# }
    Void contributeAppDefaults(Configuration config) {
        config["afMorphia.mongoUrl"] = `mongodb://localhost:27017/afMorphiaTest`