hCaptchaUser Guide

hCaptcha is a support library that aids Fantom-Factory Ltd in the development of other libraries, frameworks and applications. Though you are welcome to use it, you may find features are missing and the documentation incomplete.


Client and Server code to process hCaptcha responses.

Requires a hCaptcha account to be configured for your domain. See:

Quick Start

Client side code:

using afHcaptcha::CaptchaClient


siteKey  := "..."    // siteKey = your unique hCaptcha key
enabled  := true     // enabled = false to disable hCaptcha during dev
captcha  := captchaClient(siteKey, enabled)


containerId := "divId"  // id of where hCaptcha is to be rendered
captchaId   := captcha.render(containerId)


response    := captcha.getResponse(captchaId)
if (response == null)
    Win.cur.alert("If you're a human, complete the captcha!")
    // set a hidden form value to send response to the Server
    doc.elemById("captchaInput").setAttr("value", response)

Then when processing form values on the server:

using afIoc::Inject
using afBedSheet::HttpRequest
using afEfanXtra::BeforeRender
using afHcaptcha::CaptchaServer

@Inject const HttpRequest    httpReq
@Inject const CaptchaServer  captcha

Void onBeforeRender() {
    // inject hCaptcha scripts into the page

Void onProcessForm() {
    // grab the hCaptcha response from the client form
    response := httpReq.body.form["captchaInput"]

    // verify it on the hCaptcha server
    success  := captcha.verifyCaptcha(response, false)
    if (success == false)
        throw Err("Captcha failed")